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Yes, I am a radio station nut and I especially like hunting radio towers. It started with my fascination with KHQ's magnificent tower on Regal Street in Spokane when I was a child. I remember looking at that part of town and seeing several other towers nearby KHQ's tower. Eventually, I figured out which tower went to which station. Then there was Tower Mountain (AKA Brownes Mountain and Krell Hill), with its two towers KHQ-TV and KREM-TV. Of course, these two towers were later joined by towers from other stations. And it continued from there. In addition to hunting radio towers in the USA, I hunted towers in South Korea and in several countries in Europe.

Unfortunately, I started late with taking pictures and missed the opportunity to take lots of pics of the ones I saw in Korea and Europe. I have a few fuzzy pictures that I may post, but that is it. Although I don't have photos from massive numbers of stations like some of my fellow radio station/tower enthusiasts, I am going to try my best to catch up.

I have to acknowledge my wife's support of this hobby. At times, I think she has had as much fun as I have hunting the towers down. Yes, I am blessed with a wonderful wife.

You can contact me at the following email address.


If you have pictures of radio towers and studios that you would like to share with other radio tower hounds, I invite you to provide the link or links to your photos. I am making a list of Radio Towers Info that will point to other radio tower pages. Please contact me at the above email address if you are interested.

There is no obligation for having your site listed here. However, please consider reciprocating by listing this site on yours.

If you contacted me before 21 June 2009 and I don't have you listed here, please contact me with my apologies. I changed email addresses and lost some of the old email.

Written by Bill Harms - Updated 21 June 2009